Cypress: Integration Tests Made Easy!

Cypress: Integration Tests Made Easy!


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Tdlr; I had put automated integration testing on the back burner due to "lack of time" but once I saw how easy it was - I felt rather silly for taking so long. Try out Cypress! You might be as surprised as I was!

I am not sponsored in any way in this post - this is purely my experience!

You can find Cypress at

How easy is it?

it('Should see a button on first visit', () => {
  cy.get('.button').contains('cool popup button');

it('Should click button and view new feature', () => {
  cy.get('.button').contains('cool popup button').click();
  cy.get('p').contains('New Feature Title');

it('Should click to view the details of the feature release', () => {
  cy.get('div.popupClassName > button').contains('more').click();
  cy.get('p').contains('Detailed View');

And that's it. Super easy.

Mocking API calls

It is a good idea to have full end-to-end testing, but sometimes you want to purely test the front end of a project and mock all the api calls.

cy.intercept('GET', '**/endpointName*', {
  body: {
    data1: 123123,
    date2: 'content',

cy.intercept('GET', '**/endpointName2*', {
  fixture: 'endpoints/endpointName2.json',

That is it. Seriously.


Sometimes it is worth taking 5 minutes to see how much effort a process is. I learned this after putting it off for far too long. Don't make the same mistake as me and start today on making integration testing part of your regular development workflow!

You can find Cypress at