You NEED to read these books

You NEED to read these books


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"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin

As developers our lives are FILLED with constantly learning new things. Be it a new programming language, new best practice or new framework - to name just a few!

After some time digging into a few books, here are some that I highly recommend you explore this year! If you have listen to my most recent podcast, Episode 10 "New Year, New You" (and if not, you should really give it a try), you might be looking around for options on what sort of books might be worth looking into!

Here is a short list of a few books I highly recommend!

The books

  1. Pragmatic Programmer by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt

This book is excellent, many short chapters about how to start a project, work under managers, find the right tools for the job and work as a team.

  1. Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

Another great book to read as a software developer, Robert C. Martin gives tips and tricks for anything from naming variables, organizing functions, writing unit tests, good vs. bad comments, error handling and more.

  1. Soft Skills by John Sonmez

A book I haven't seen too much buzz about myself, but a very handy book for those developers who want insights into focusing, negotiating salaries, productivity, finances and more! Not so much technical - but being a developer is more than just 0s and 1s!


And thats it! If you found any of these useful, or have recommendations for others, let me know in the comments!